Accreditation, Sole Distribution, Certificates [ Accreditation, Sole Distribution, Certificates ]

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CIDB Contractor Grade Certificate 15 Feb : 15:23 Rohr Rein Chemie 49.41 kB 124 Not rated
NHR Sole Distributor Certificate 15 Feb : 15:24 Rohr Rein Chemie 110.57 kB 109 Not rated
Proof of PAIA Submission 15 Feb : 15:32 Rohr Rein Chemie 268.35 kB 108 Not rated
RRC BBBEE Certificate 18 Sep : 10:48 Rohr Rein Chemie 1.03 MB 48 Not rated
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Health and Safety

RRC Rohr Rein Chemie maintains Health, Safety & Environment as a core value and will be managed as an integral part of our business leading to define, establish and incorporate HSE responsibilities.

Universal Data Logger

Universal data logger for signals

Used for the autonomous recording of any measured value of a sensor or a signal transmitter