Universal data logger for signals

  • 2 channels: NTC temperatures -50°.. +140°C
  • 2 channels: Signals 4mA .. 20mA
  • 2 channels: DC voltages, programmable +/- ranges
  • DC ranges programmable for Hygroclip humidity and temperature sensor
  • Out of the 6 channels any 4 channels can be selected to record the data.
  • Easy configuration, 64’000 of measured values, large display, sensor supply by Datalogger, alarm possibility etc. Evaluation software: elproLOG WIN.

Ideal for the autonomous recording of any measured value of a sensor or a signal transmitter:

  • Pressure in a process
  • CO2 concentration in the environment
  • gas concentration as O2 or others
  • electrical data as current or voltage
  • temperature
  • humidity and temperature combined
  • speed of air in a conduct
  • depth of water in a river
  • force applied to a probe
  • or any combination

Supply of the sensors is done by the HOTBOX SE, using internal batteries or a net supply, controlled by a special power save procedure.